The new ED-2000M² is one of the fastest EDM drills available. The machine is able to drill holes from first spart to a clean breakthrough in mere seconds with no bullet nosing of the electrode. The ED-2000M² features several new innovations including the new touch screen control, which allows for easier user interface.



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Machine Tavels: X x Y x Z in (mm) [Z-axis + guide travel] 11.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 (300 x 200 x 200)
Maximum Workpiece Size: W x D x H in (mm) 18.9 x 8.3 x 6.1 (480 x 210 x 155)
Max. Workpiece Weight: lb (kg) 440 (200)
Table Dimensions: W x D in (mm) 18.9 x 8.3 (480 x 210)
Maximum Electrode travel: in (mm) 13.6 (345)
Max. Servo W-Axis Feed Rate: in/min (mm/min) 31.5 (800)
Electrode Diameter Range: in (mm) .012 ~ .120 (0.3 ~ 3.0)
Max. Electrode Length: in (mm) 16 (400)
Fluid Capacity: gal (L) 5 (19)
Machine System Dimensions: W x D in (mm) 39.3 x 46.6 (1000 x 1020)
Machine Installed Height: in (mm) 81.5 (2070)
Machine System Weight: lb (kg) 1433 (650)
Control Operation Push Botton Touch Screen
Power Supply Peak Current 30 AMPs
Power Requirements [KVA] 200/220 VAC ±5% [2.5]


  • New Low-Energy consumption-type generator for high-speed operation and extremely low electrode wear
  • Patented low-voltage power supply produces no "bullet nosing" of the electrode providing cleaner hole break throughs
  • Burn a 1.0 mm electrode though 2" thick D2 in 70 seconds
  • Burn over 14 holes through 2" D2 with one electrode
  • The control uses a full color touch-screen for easy operation
  • Optional fluid tank / filter system extends fluid life
  • Electrode chuck ranging from 0.3 ~ 3.0 mm diameter standard
  • Full 1-yr. Warranty with Triple Diamond Partnership Program
  • Optional Tilt/Rotary Indexing table increases productivity in many hole drilling applications



  • High-Speed EDM Drill with Low Energy Consumption 
  • Newly developed low-energy consumption-type generator provides high-speed operation with extremely low wear. 
  • This unique power supply allows stable machining at the break through point reducing over all time while providing a good quality hole. 
  • Average time from break through to finished hole is mere seconds vs. other systems that take as much as 2 minutes or more to push the bullet nose through to finish size.  
  • Running a 2 inch D2 example shows a 2:1 ratio in burn speed. The ED-2000M2 made 12 holes vs. not quite 6 for the competition.
  • A contact stop plate is located below the workpiece to detect when the electrode is completely through the part. No "guess work" determining if the electrode is far enough through to finish the hole.  
  • Extremely easy operation - New Touch-Screen Control. 
ED-2000M² - Floorplan / Layout

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