Meet the totally revamped Mitsubishi EDM line!

» Cylindrical Drive Motor - revolutionary new technology creates 360-degree magnetic flux for a non-contact design enabling higher speeds and precision without cogging or time costs.

» Machine Construction - the MV Series features a T-shaped base casting with direct axis mounting for improved accuracy, higher rigidity and smoother movement.

» Power Supply - get 4 times the communication speed with the MV servo control's fiber-optic drive system and V350 type-5 generator for accelerated reaction time and accuracy, and decreased electrode wear and vibration.

» Auto-Threader - utilize 14 inches of annealed wire length with the MV Series' redesigned Z-axis for tall parts and enjoy reduced wire curl ratio.

» Head Design - a new compact design featuring a flat-plate power feeder makes it easy to index during operation without opening doors to rotate the carbides or realign wire.


» The industry's most reliable service and support

» Regionalized service network offers most advanced and responsive team industry-wide

» Installation, on-site training, support and service throughout the life of your machine