A New IMTS Experience

There was a time just two years ago when in early September, our entire industry would make their way to Chicago for the biennial IMTS show.  We would be excited about the equipment we would see, all the new things we could learn about, and seeing many of our connections that we only get to see every couple of years.

However, 2020 turned out to be a little different.  We had to shift gears and create an online IMTS experience from what would have been an in-person event – and quickly!


So what does IMTS 2020 look like? It’s all brand new, and there are lots of moving parts, and we hope our virtual audience still enjoys their experience.  Although it’s not the same, we provide all-new virtual resources on our IMTS exhibitor page.  Plus, it’s no longer a 6-day experience.  People can browse the IMTS website for six whole months.

Additionally, we will host a webinar with IMTS on Thursday, Nov 5th, at 11:30 AM Central time.  The webinar titled, ‘New Developments in EDM Lead to Advancements in EDM Results” will cover not only the basic principles of Sinker EDM processes but will also touch on new developments in both hardware and software.  Add it to your spark planner here.

This 6-month virtual show extension gives people more time to absorb all the content, save money on travel, and find other ways to get in their step counts.

Although it’s not a typical IMTS year, the changes will impact the industry for years to come.  We can envision combined virtual and in-person events in the future and are excited to see what trade show organizers have in store for us.

While we will miss seeing everyone in person, we are still here to connect, be it virtually or in-person at a different capacity.


IMTS Spark is the online platform that will function as a home base where each IMTS exhibitor sets up a dedicated showroom to house their news, videos, demos, and educational resources. The showrooms can be continuously updated, and this area will remain open now through March 15, 2021. The focus of Spark is to provide a destination where visitors can find the latest innovations and solutions to their manufacturing challenges. You’ll need to be registered as an attendee to access this marketplace on Spark, but registration is free, and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up your account.


There will be new events on Spark continuing to take place weekly. MC Machinery’s ‘event’ will take place on Thursday, Nov 5th at 11:30 AM Central.  The talk, titled ‘New Developments in EDM Lead to Advancements in EDM Results’ will cover not only the basic principles of Sinker EDM processes but will also touch on new developments in both hardware and software of Sinker EDM equipment.  Events will remain accessible after the live presentation, so you can go back and visit our video at your convenience.  Please be sure to bookmark our showroom.

Our showroom on Spark will provide visitors an understanding of who MC Machinery is, a gallery of things we do or have done, and the ability to connect with MC Machinery for more insights.

We look forward to connecting with you!