Advantages of Committing to Technological Improvements

ST. CLAIR, MI—St. Clair, Michigan based Precision Die & Machine has been known as a plastic injection mold expert for over 59 years. The company builds plastic injection molds primarily for the auto industry but has recently taken on projects in the medical device manufacturing market.

Although the economy in the last couple of years has been the hardest ever for the mold-making industry, Precision Die & Machine has risen to the challenge by investing in new machine technologies. New technology has allowed Precision Die & Machine to become more efficient and productive while passing the savings on to its customers.

To compete in today’s global market, Precision Die & Machine decided to replace some of its older equipment and purchased an Eagle V5 5-axis milling machine from MC Machinery to build molds faster, better, and for a lower cost than its competitors. Its ability to produce high-quality tooling at a reasonable price sets it apart from its competition.

“Our older 3-axis milling machine was no longer capable of producing the accuracy and repeatability we needed,” says Brian Lozon, Precision Die & Machine Vice President. “The Eagle V5 5-axis machine from MC Machinery replaced our older machine, giving us incredible accuracy and repeatability in electrodes and saving us a lot of setup time”.

The Eagle V5 won the test cut fair and square, making it a necessary machine for the company to have in its automated cell. Before the machine was in its facility, Precision Die & Machine handled setups that required handloading because the older machine was not in line with the robot loading.

“The Eagle V5 5-axis mill has allowed us to incorporate the secondary side and angled setups into our unattended machining,” says Lozon. “It has also allowed us to use shorter more ridged tooling for better finish results and greater accuracy. The machines have increased productivity and have allowed us to take advantage of lights-out machining.”

The Eagle V5 5-axis mill is part of an automated cell created by the Precision Die & Machine team 18 years ago. Upgrading from the older 3-axis mill to the new machine allowed the company to change its routine and increase productivity. The machine has been giving extremely accurate and repeatable electrodes, a major improvement to the system.

“Our new Eagle V5 has increased accuracy and repeatability, .0002″ – .0003″ total,” says Lozon. “It has made huge improvements in the quality of our electrodes as well as providing a new aspect to our hard-milling capabilities.”

Precision Die & Machine continues to stay competitive by staying on top of innovative technology in the business and providing the best service for their customers.

“MC Machinery machines have a short learning curve,” says Lozon. “It is easy to train our operators to use these machines and we know if we ever have a question the service department will quickly assist us.”