Ask the Expert: MV Series Max Angle Check

In this Ask the Expert video, MC Machinery’s wire EDM applications expert Trent Langellier shares insight on how to perform taper and four-axis cutting on Mitsubishi MV Series wire EDMs using the max angle check.

When doing taper and four-axis cutting on the wire EDM, there is a certain point, if the angle gets steep enough, where certain components need to be changed out such as the flush cups and the diamond guides. Also, you might need to use soft wire instead of hard wire.

In a two-axis taper program, typically you will know what the angle is. But if you are doing this program with isometric corner radii, the angle will get steeper. Also, when doing four-axis programming, you won’t know what the exact angle is unless you go through and do the math. On the Mitsubishi MV Series, there is a max angle check in the program screen (in the top left) that will calculate the maximum angle. In this case, it’s 7 1/8 degrees, so we’d be fine with the standard components. Once we get above 10 degrees, the flush cups would need to be changed out.

This max angle check gives the operator a way to check whether the components need to be changed out or not before starting the program and without having to do the math.