Before Making a Capital Investment, Consider This

Globalization, ever-shrinking parts, and stiff competition are a few of the many factors demanding more and more from players in the metalworking game. The pressure to keep up and find the next best way to crank out more quality parts on time is more intense than ever.

So, how do shops keep up? Hire more people? Build a bigger facility? Buy a new machine tool? In a perfect world, yes, every business could do all of those things. But, in the real world, those options are cost-prohibitive and can’t be implemented without disrupting the existing situation. Luckily, there are more cost-effective, easier alternatives that can improve quality and speed without shaking up the facility or busting the budget.

Designed for efficiency both in terms of throughput and space, EDM and laser automation solutions can be a great answer for shops of all sizes. These solutions are customizable to the environment they’ll be installed in and allow rapid and successive loading of workpieces. It’s a great way to dramatically amplify existing capabilities without breaking the bank or turning the facility and processes upside down.

Preventative Maintenance
This one is pretty self-explanatory and most shops have a plan for it. However, it’s hard to match a program offered by the manufacturer, especially a world-class one like Mitsubishi. Our Preventative Maintenance Contracts include pre-scheduled, 50-point inspections performed by factory-trained service and support engineers using equipment built for Mitsubishi machinery. The work that the skilled team does has gone a long way towards extending machine life and maximizing trade-in or resale value for customers.

Parts and Pieces
The little stuff matters too. Very rarely is there a replace-the-machine-or-bust situation. Spare parts, consumables, retrofits are things to consider before taking the leap and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new machine. Consumables are so important, we have an entire division dedicated to them, our Consumable Products Group. Also, on our website, you can find spare part specials and inventory we are looking to reduce at significant price reductions.

Shiny new machines aren’t the be-all-end-all when it comes to replacing equipment or adding capacity. Refurbished machine tools can be dramatic upgrades over workhorse machinery and at a fraction of the cost of the latest generation. In some cases, a trade-in is an option too. MC Machinery offers a trade-in program called Encore, focusing on EDM and laser machines. Trading is an especially cost-effective approach, especially if it’s explored at the time of the original purchase.