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5-Axis Machining Still Trending in a Big Way

February 11, 2015 10:22:47 AM

5-axis milling capabilities are being integrated in to metalworking operations at a faster rate than ever. Machine tool builders are recognizing that and have ramped up their delivery of more versatile solutions suitable for facilities of all shapes, sizes and specialty.

January’s edition of Manufacturing News featured two of the newer options available from MC Machinery, the LU-620 and LU-800. The LU-620 is a high-powered compact option for shops that may not have the luxury of space. The LU-800 is tailor-made for high-powered, medium to large-component machining without sacrificing world-class precision.

The machines vary in size but share some significant features including 12,000 RPM spindles and Heidenhain iTNC-530 HSCi 5-axis controls that give the machines 0.5 ms block processing speed capability and smooth finish guidance.

Read the full article on the Manufacturing News website here to learn more about the offerings from MC Machinery.   

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