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A Look at the OPS Ingersoll Eagle V9 for Mold and Die Applications

March 10, 2016 4:56:11 PM

The OPS Ingersoll Eagle V9, one of MC Machinery’s 5-axis milling machines, is making an impression on the mold and die industry. The machine was recently featured in a mold and die journal article profiling shop Maier Formenbau. The shop found that the decision to use the Eagle V9 significantly reduced cycle times over the course of the last nine months.

With a large variation of products, Maier Formenbau doesn’t specialize in specific metals or mold sizes. As exhaustion and full capacity became an issue, automation solutions were the next step. Unfortunately, their current machines were unable to meet their demands until the OPS-Ingersoll delivered a new, innovative concept.

The Eagle V9, in combination with the die sinking machine Gantry Eagle 1200 and a MultiChange Flex-Robot, was able to deliver the flexibility needed to meet full capacity for Maier Formenbau. The article states Wilfried Maier considers the investment in Eagle V9 to be the right decision. “In the moldmaking sector you cannot do without the milling of steel. In our company this concerns an allowance of two to three millimeters and the corners. Such a precision in both HSC and steel milling is only possible on a robust machine. The Eagle V9 is such a machine, and it offers the additional advantage of full capacity utilization by processing steel and graphite. That makes a clear difference to conventional HSC machines,” says Wilfried Maier.

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