MC Machinery's Service and Support keeps Customers Loyal

MC Machinery's Service and Support keeps Customers Loyal

December 10, 2013 11:20:19 AM

“No other manufacturer comes close to matching the support that we get from Mitsubishi,” says Mike Veltri, president of All-American Mold. The company has been a loyal Mitsubishi customer since 1992. 

All-American Mold specializes in complex tooling for the plastic injection molding industry. The company's team of experts is dedicated to providing top quality and timeliness from mold conception and design to finish.

The company's emphasis on forming partnerships with their customers is reflected by the percentage of repeat business. “I'd say about 60% of our business comes from existing customers,” Veltri says. New business is recruited by the company's sales team, steadily increasing the company's customer base in the medical, automotive and electronic markets, among others.

This 17,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Rochester, New York, houses an array of equipment needed for in-house production machining, custom builds, prototyping, tooling, finishing and inspecting. 

Four Mitsubishi wire EDMs play a crucial role in the precision manufacturing of these custom molds. “They're workhorses. The Mitsubishis are the machines that get the work done, day in and day out; and they deliver the high quality and consistency our business demands,” he explains.

“When you get into machining of these high-precision parts, you have to be careful not to compromise accuracy with speed. Mitsubishi maintains consistency at the highest appropriate speed for maximum productivity. They're extremely robust and haven't lost any accuracy over time,” Veltri explains. “We have 100% confidence in them.”

In mid-2005, Veltri began looking for a high-speed, high-precision machining solution to increase the shop's efficiency and expand production capabilities. He looked at several vertical machining manufacturers and decided on a Roku-Roku HC-658. “Honestly, all of the manufacturers I was considering offered basically the same machines. But when I found out Roku-Roku had the same MC Machinery support team behind it as Mitsubishi, my decision was made.” 


MC Machinery

Veltri comments on MC Machinery's service and support, “Nobody else offers the level of support that MC Machinery does. In fact, when the service rep came out here for the Roku-Roku installation and training, he left his card and his cell phone number so I could reach him at any time. Making himself available to us 24/7 goes above and beyond good customer service.” 

The new HC-658 was installed in June and has been running ever since. The machine's rigid structure ensures part precision and its extended speed range (200-32,000 RPM) decreases All-American Mold's turnaround time. “With Roku-Roku's accuracy and repeatability, parts are through quality and out the door faster,” Veltri says. 

The company's new Roku-Roku has had a great impact on All-American Mold's business. He explains, “It has added a whole new customer base to our business because now we can meet the high-speed demands of markets we couldn't compete in before.”


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