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A Heartwarming Tale of Conversion to Fiber Laser

February 26, 2015 1:35:54 PM

When asked how working with MC Machinery on his recent project was, Greg Robbins, owner of Robbins Mfg. used language usually reserved for likes of puppies and newborns, not industrial distributors. “It was heartwarming to me—it was giving us all the advantages to be competitive without all of the friction and legwork,” Robbins said. 

We say it all the time: MC Machinery is more than just another vendor; we’re a partner. The latest edition of Shop Floor Lasers tells the story of how Robbins Mfg. was reminded of that during a major machinery upgrade.

After assessing their 250,000 sq. ft. production space, Robbins thought there may be some opportunities to improve his laser operation. He called MC Machinery to explore new machining options, even the possibility of converting from CO2 to fiber, and how it may fit in to the laser buy-back program he signed up for five years earlier. Together, they found cost effective ways to make the jump to fiber using the facility’s existing automation, saving weeks of lost production time.

After a quick, less than a week per machine, installation of two new 60-in.-by 120-in. NXF 4,000-W fiber lasers, the operation was up and running and already paying dividends. In the article, Laser Operator, Jon Stenzel went so far as to describe working with the new lasers as being like “kids in a candy store.”

The story describes how the new machines will save his company tens of thousands of dollars annually in both maintenance time and electricity bills all while dramatically improving efficiency and easing programing.

“The new machines are basically paying for themselves,” said Robbins. “We’re getting more product out the door for less money. All around it’s a big win.”

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