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A Saukville, Wisconsin based tool and die shop purchases MC Machinery EDM machines to meet their production needs

March 9, 2017 3:28:26 PM

When Bob Oldenburg took over an existing manufacturing company to form Oldenburg Metal Tech, Inc. in 2005, he opened his shop’s doors with nine employees and $900,000 in sales.Taking the shop from its modest beginnings to where it stands today can in part be attributed to industry availability.

“At that time in the economy and industry, many machines and experienced engineers were available in the market,” says Jeff Decker, Oldenburg Metal Tech Operations Manager. “That’s why we had such a good start.”

Today, the automotive manufacturing shop is composed of 47 employees and spans two facilities, including a 16,000-square-foot shop in Saukville, Wis. and a 9,000-square-foot floor in Port Washington, Wis. Outside of tool and die jobs, the shop offers low- and high-volume production milling, turning and welding—plus the design and build of CMM inspection and assembly fixtures. The decision to expand into a second facility, Decker adds, came from demand.

In tandem with their expansion into Saukville, Wis., Oldenburg Metal Tech purchased three of MC Machinery’s EDM machines at once to answer existing market demand and fully utilize the space in their new facility. They currently operate six MC Machinery EDMs including the MV2400S, MV2400R and MV1200S. The shop trusts MC Machinery’s generous support and overall machine productivity.

“These machines can do what other machines can’t,” says Decker. “Due to their performance and cost efficiency, we feel very positive about putting our trust with MC Machinery.”

While automotive manufacturing jobs account for roughly 65 percent of the shop’s revenue streams, Oldenburg Metal Tech has achieved a 25 percent annual growth rate over the last four years. Decker says the shop accounts for this success in part to diversifying their business across the medical, ATV-snowmobile and outdoor power equipment manufacturing markets in addition to their involvement with the automotive industry.

After 11 years in the automotive manufacturing industry, Oldenburg Metal Tech is reporting serious growth on its books—including listing $7,000,000 in sales in 2015.

Outside of tool and die responsibilities, Oldenburg Metal Tech participates in a local youth apprenticeship for current high school students and recent high school graduates as a part of a corporate social responsibility program to provide opportunities for the next generation of manufacturers to learn about sub-machining, die casting, CMC and designing.

To learn more about our EDM machines and their features please visit our product page here.

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