Company doubles EDM capacity with Mitsubishi

Company doubles EDM capacity with Mitsubishi

December 11, 2013 11:15:38 AM

For a complex stamping house that runs regular production with more than 600 primarily automotive dies, maximizing work flow is critical to the bottom line. Batesville Tool & Die has a very thorough value analysis system to analyze production efficiency. The process includes programs such as Quick Die Change (QDC), Special Process Control (SPC), and Just In Time (JIT) scheduling.

The company also has implemented several in-house training classes to enhance the education and assist in the development and promotion of its employees. Its in-house apprenticeship programs are approved by the U.S. Department of Labor toward the certification of journeyman toolmakers and maintenance personnel.



Batesville Tool & Die is recognized as a world-class supplier by its customers, having received Q-1 status from Ford, the QSP award from GM, quality awards from Honda, and the North American Supplier of the Year award from Siemens.


The 225,050 square-foot facility in Batesville, Indiana, has seen 22 expansion projects since 1978. The three-shift, 360-employee facility will celebrate its 30th anniversary in October. The company also has a second location in Queretaro, Mexico, which runs primarily appliance and automotive parts in the 97,300 square-foot, 128-employee facility.

Batesville Tool & Die has been using EDM technology for 20 years. “I am amazed at the way Mitsubishi’s EDM technology has advanced since our first 90HA machine,” says Machining Manager Toby Walsman. Today, the company has four Mitsubishi wire FA-S machines, which he refers to as workhorses. 

“They are accurate, fast, and have very few problems. We can’t afford to have our EDMs go down all the time. The support I’ve received from Regional Sales Manager Joe Cisneroz and the rest of the team is absolutely fantastic,” Walsman explains. “Not once have I called with a problem that wasn’t resolved on the phone, or responded to with someone on-site right away.”

Batesville Tool & Die has Preventative Maintenance contracts on their Mitsubishi equipment to help keep the machines in peak operating condition, and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime. With pre-scheduled maintenance, the company can plan for downtime and minimize disruption in production. 

Because the company runs production on so many dies, they must have a way to make repeatable spare sections. Mitsubishi’s accuracy allows the company to make and stock spares, which the Die Maintenance Team is able to swap into the crib anytime a wreck occurs, with no effect on production.

Six months ago, the company visited Mitsubishi’s corporate headquarters to see the new EDM technology. Walsman and a few coworkers talked with a staff of engineers and application technicians to determine which machines were the best fit for their needs. Mike Altergott from Taltek coordinated test cuts, evaluation times, and accuracy levels to confirm the decision. Batesville Tool & Die traded in an older FX20 for an FA20S, and purchased an FA10S. 

“Before we got the new equipment, we were averaging 54 square inches per hour and outsourcing about $25,000 of wire work each month,” Walsman explains. “Now, we are averaging 103 square inches per hour and have eliminated all outsourcing. The additional capacity even allows us to take in some wire projects from other companies. Looking at numbers like these makes justifying the capital equipment costs a no-brainer.


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