Entrepreneurial payoff: From Garage to Global

Entrepreneurial payoff: From Garage to Global

December 10, 2013 4:14:37 PM

In 1993, Phil Zeilinger started his own upholstery business from his home, manufacturing from a small rented space in Rockford, Ill. But with a true entrepreneurial spirit, Zeilinger expanded this niche focus into a global machine tool protection solution provider.

Building An Enterprise

Today, BUWW Coverings, Inc. provides all solutions for machine tool protection and services including guide way covers, custom enclosures and horizontal- and vertical-mounting bellows. Furthermore, because BUWW has offices outside of the United States, the company is positioned to support machine tool builders around the world. 

Zeilinger suggests investing the right amount of calculated risk for his company’s success. And calculated risk is exactly what led to expansions including the new 37,000 sq.ft. U.S. facility and openings of BUWW Canada (2000), BUWW Mexico (2005), BUWW Brazil (2006). 

“My vision has always been to provide a level of customer service and satisfaction that is above the expectation,” Zeilinger explains. He has an open-door philosophy, meaning he wants to hear from his customers: both the good and the bad. “I like to know my customers on a first-name basis. This allows me to meet their needs faster and easier.”

Meeting Customer Needs

Zeilinger had always looked for a manufacturing solution for cover and enclosure production. The company had two Mitsubishi Lasers already – a 3015LVPLUS at its U.S. plant and a 3015 LVPLUS II at its Canadian plant. In 2009 Zeilinger decided to replace the old one at the U.S. location with another Mitsubishi Laser 3718LVPLUS to execute the very precise dimensions needed for the cover and enclosure fabrications, which expanded BUWW’s service offering to customers needing fabrication/laser-cutting support. 

Mitsubishi Laser equipment is constructed on a heavy-duty one-piece design casting to withstand the most challenging environments and applications. Mitsubishi’s Diamond-Path technology provides consistent beam quality, ensuring cutting stability, even at high speeds. The Laser’s high-speed and large sheet size capabilities permit BUWW to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner. 

BUWW also uses Mitsubishi’s hyB175 and hyB125 press brakes at its U.S. location, which accurately control ram speed and positioning with extremely responsive servo motors.

Find What Works And Stick With It 

 “You can tell a lot about a business by the person who runs it,” Zeilinger explains. “As BUWW has grown, my vision for exceptional customer service has been impressed on every new hire or within every new location.”

Beyond a solid business philosophy, success requires having the right technology partners by your side. Mitsubishi has the expertise, resources, and local support to keep its customers successful.

“I think it would be safe to say that without the support and commitment from Mitsubishi, BUWW would not be where it is today,” says Zeilinger. “In addition, I cannot say enough about the help from Mitsubishi's marketing team. Mitsubishi truly believes in BUWW’s no. 1 core vision: To provide customer service and satisfaction above and beyond our customers’ expectations, at all costs.”


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