Bates Metal, MC Machinery, Mitsubishi eX-s Laser, featured in FF Journal

Bates Metal, eX-s Laser, featured in FF Journal

June 11, 2014 9:37:49 AM

According to Jimmy Bates, co-owner of Bates Metal, Mitsubishi Laser’s new eX-s is “the mainstay of [our] manufacturing process.”  The Port Washington, Ohio-based fabricator has almost completely eliminated its dependence on tool and die machines thanks to the eX-s’s ability to cut any shape needed for the company’s custom built racks, displays, signs and merchandise tables.

He spoke with Nick Wright at FF Journal about how the eX-s has increased production by approximately 40 percent.  The eX-s laser is outfitted with a 60 in. by 120 in. cutting table, which reduces sheet change frequency. With the help of the shuttle table, the eX-s can continue to cut while operators load parts.  The entire FF Journal article can be read here.

The eX-s is the latest laser innovation from Mitsubishi Laser. Designed to be a more accessible version of the existing 2D eX machine, the eX-s features a 2700 Watt resonator. This lower wattage, compared to the eX’s 6000 Watts, deftly cuts steel thicknesses up to and greater than 0.75”, and is a cost-saver thanks to its smaller resonator.

Replacing former LVP series, eX series is the fifth generation in a line of powerful 2D Mitsubishi Lasers. These machines deliver low running costs and eco-friendly features for power and gas consumption, and stable operation for greater productivity.

The eX-s laser can be seen at the upcoming Laser Open House on June 25 in Wood Dale, Ill.

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