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Benefits of four axis milling machines

October 28, 2014 10:03:16 AM

Control for four on the floor

There’s a way to split the difference between the workhorse three-axis machines and the sports car five-axis VMCs.

Three-axis VMCs from MC Machinery are open to aftermarket addition of a fourth axis, which is well-suited to rotational components. The fourth axis is a valuable compromise between three-axis and five-axis needs.

According to Bryan Machado of C4 Industrial Inc., Fabrication and Machining Equipment, customers opting for the addition of a fourth axis comes from two primary camps. There are those who have a specific job or component that requires a fourth axis, and they add it on to accommodate. The other group doesn’t have a specific component or job in mind, but wants to build in four-axis flexibility from the get-go, and make sure they’ll never have to turn away any work.

“It all comes down to the work they want to go after. Here in Tulsa, we have a lot of oilfields, a lot of energy-related work that means dealing with a lot of round pipes and tubes,” Machado says.” And if a customer doesn’t already have a lathe with live tooling or another machine specifically designed to do that kind of work, a fourth axis on a mill will keep the spindle running in oilfield work.”

Just about every industry has a range of applications for a fourth axis on a three-axis machine, he says. It’s just a matter of ensuring that the control is ready to play nicely with this type of aftermarket addition. Mitsubishi controls are some of the best-known, most widely used CNC controls in the world, and every four axis aftermarket addition comes with plug-and-play options for the Mitsubishi control.

“This makes the addition of a fourth axis a simple matter, which is a big positive for customers looking for increased flexibility or looking to accommodate a specific component or job,” Machado says.

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