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Best Practices: Cleaning Your EDM Power Amplifier

April 1, 2015 3:33:17 PM

If you’re one of the customers that has made our EDM machine the best-selling in North America, periodic inspection and maintenance of the power amplifier section of your EDM cutting supply can save you costly downtime as well as expensive replacement unit costs. This post outlines a recommended maintenance procedure to prevent the following failure scenarios:

1. Circuit board contamination causing high and low resistance
2. Unit contamination causing thermal runaway of semiconductors
3. Failure due to aging mechanical components; relays, magnetic contactors, etc.
4. Failure due to corrosion or damage of terminal strips

Safety Tip
Before removing any units from the machinery be sure the 3 phase power is off at the machine breaker and the breaker box is off and locked out!

Supplies needed
1. Cleaning brush
2. Detergent cleaner
3. Supply of softened water

Step 1: Wash Contaminates from Circuit Card

  1. Soak the unit with detergent cleanser
  2. Rinse with hot softened water
  3. Soak with detergent and use a brush to agitate any contaminate buildup.
  4. Repeat step 2

Rinsing Tip 
Do not use a water supply containing a high mineral content to avoid leaving conductive deposits on the electronic circuitry.

Step 2: Drying

  1. Dry with compressed air line as extensively as possible
  2. Allow to air dry for 24 hours to ensure unit is completely dry

Safety Tip 
The unit must be completely dry before use or failure will occur

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