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But Wait, There's More: What Else You'll See at FABTECH

November 4, 2015 3:33:49 PM

Booth #S1719 is your one stop for the most complete offering of fabrication machinery and support. Come see our most impactful machines perform live and find out why MC Machinery is known as the industry leader for customer service and support. In addition to the mutiple product debuts, here's what you'll discover in Chicago at FABTECH 2015. 

Our Reputation Precedes Us
Our industry leading customer service takes center stage in our booth throughout the FABTECH show. Talk to our regional managers and learn about our customer service process. This year our customer service department is excited to present Remote 360monitoring on all Mitsubishi laser products. When you visit our booth you will see first hand how and why remote monitoring of your laser equipment is advantageous and what it can do for your business.

NX40 Fiber Laser
Fiber laser technology offers customers another option in laser-cutting equipment. Fiber optics provide a faster beam for higher cutting speeds—ideal for the cutting of thinner materials. The NX-F fiber laser machine series features an advanced beam, high-speed controls and preset autofocus processing head for fast, accurate production.

Press Brake DSXL100-26
The Diamond Smart CNC Hydraulic Press Brake offers real innovation for small- and medium-size sheet metalworking companies. This synchronized hydraulic press brake features numerical CNC control for simple operation, quick and easy part programming, easy machine setup, auto calculation of the bend angle and back gauge position, and angle and back gauge correction.

Press Brake BH 135-30
The Diamond BH Dual Drive system controls high-speed up and down movement with a ball screw and bending movement by hydraulic piston. The Dual Drive System allows high-speed down-movement at 200 mm per second with high repeat-stop accuracy. In addition, the Dual Drive system offers energy savings thanks to an assist device that stores the energy of down movement and returns it during ram up movement. The ram floats on a gas cushion, thereby greatly diminishing the weight to return the ram to the top of stroke.

Press Brake DEXL 135-30
The Diamond Elite XL Series machines with heavy welded frames and the latest in motors, valves and controls, bring to the market an affordable and reliable machine for years of solid performance. The Diamond Elite utilizes Finite Element CAD design and the most stringent manufacturing technologies during production to make the highest quality machine. Based on years of experience and the highest
quality components, the Diamond Elite is a clear investment to increase productivity.

Emerging Technologies
You'll also have the opportunity to learn about some of the most groundbreaking advances in manufacturing today, additive and electron beam welding. The LUMEX Avance-25 you'll hear about is the only machine in the world which relies on one-machine, one process manufacturing of complex molds and parts by fusing metal sintering and high-speed milling. And our electron beam machine exhibits deep penetratign, narrow fusion zone and near parent metal strength.  

Register now to see it all for yourself.

Booth Hours
Monday, Nov. 9                                                                Tuesday, Nov. 10
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.                                                                9 a.m. – 5 p.m.                                                 

Wednesday, Nov. 11                                                      Thursday, Nov. 12
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                                      9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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