Company Breaks the Mold with the help of Mitsubishi

Company Breaks the mold with the help of Mitsubishi

December 10, 2013 12:22:14 PM

Many companies that struggle with industry differentiation try numerous things to make themselves stand out. Sometimes it’s a gimmick, sometimes it’s a sluggish slogan, but for Custom Mold & Design it’s as simple as breaking the mold. CM&D has been producing contract manufacturing plastic injection molds since it was founded in 1965, utilizing its three Mitsubishi EDMs and two Roku-Roku machining centers to rise above the competition.

“At CM&D we expect to deliver the best quality molds possible for our customers, and the only way to deliver the best is by using the best equipment,” says Custom Mold & Design Vice President Lester Jones.

Custom Mold & Design specializes in complex, high-precision molds including multi-cavity, hot runner, two-shot and unscrewing molds. The company also prides itself on the ability to respond to unique design challenges and interchangeable cavities and cores. Many CM&D customers use the latest and greatest molding equipment to run molds. Molds produced by CM&D have cycles as many as 20 million times and run over 20 years.

The 22,000 square-foot facility, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has 42 employees and operates 20 hours a day, six days a week. CM&D is committed to having the best facility, employees and equipment, which is why they bought their first Mitsubishi machine over 10 years ago.

“We have owned our Roku-Roku GR435N for over a decade and it has performed flawlessly for us,” explains Jones. “It runs day in and day out.” When it came time to add capacity earlier this year, it was only a matter of deciding which Roku-Roku to purchase, Jones explains. “Because of our confidence in RokuRoku’s reliability and accuracy, we didn’t even consider any other brands.”

Similarly, last year when CM&D was in the market for a new sinker EDM machine, they turned to Mitsubishi again. After evaluating speed, electrode wear, accuracy, surface finish, and ease of programming on all other machines, they realized the Mitsubishi EA12V CNC sinker EDM outperformed all other EDMs by a wide margin.

“All of our Mitsubishi equipment performs well. Their training and technical help is very good, and Mitsubishi service,” which Jones admits they have used very infrequently, “has been great. We are able to get the whole package with Mitsubishi and our local dealer, Concept Machine Tool.”

Building upon its success as a long-time top supplier of highprecision, high-cavitation, interchangeable tooling, CM&D recently launched a new business unit, CMD Express. This portion of the business focuses on lower volume one- and two-cavity production tools with shorter lead time requirements, thereby attracting a new customer base.

CM&D is outputting the best possible products for their customers, with the help of Mitsubishi. Their customers are benefitting from better quality molds that last longer, require less maintenance and produce more consistent products.


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