Proper Wire Storage: EDM Tip

Proper Wire Storage: EDM Tip

July 24, 2013 11:24:09 AM



EDM wire is wound, packaged, stored and shipped worldwide in the horizontal position. This position ensures normal, worry-free unwinding during EDM machining. Many companies choose to order wire in bulk to minimize freight costs and order frequency. Follow these simple steps during storage to ensure that the product remains in its intended condition until needed.


Storage of Individual Spools


Storing spools vertically creates an unnatural orientation and will cause the wire to fall during shipping and storage. This can create miss- or cross-wound wire, which will lead to erratic unspooling, causing the spool to jump, and in severe cases, break during the machining process.


Storage of Multiple Spools


If wire has been removed from its original shipping box, it should be stored on a rack with stiff cardboard or thin wood separating the roll layers. If the layers are not separate, spools from one layer can cause damage to spools from another layer.

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