Joe Gibbs Racing relies on Mitsubishi for race car components

Joe Gibbs Racing relies on Mitsubishi for race car components

December 10, 2013 2:07:03 PM

Mitsubishi Supply Chain: Building Champions One Part at a Time

Joe Gibbs Racing has built its reputation for excellence with top expertise in engineering, quality control and superior technology. Since 2003, Joe Gibbs Racing has relied on the sophistication and precision of Mitsubishi EDM. Today, JGR’s manufacturing department houses a Mitsubishi hole popper, Laser and Waterjet technologies, in addition to its EDM equipment.

“Mitsubishi is a world-class organization, constantly delivering the next level of manufacturing sophistication,” comments Joe Gibbs Racing Technical Sponsor Manager, Mark Bringle. “Their broad range of complementary technology helps us get parts from concept to car as quickly as possible, keeping us competitive with the other top teams.”

Joe Gibbs Racing fields several of NASCAR’s biggest names, and the team has earned recognition as a NASCAR leader. This championship team exudes professionalism and performance excellence, setting a high standard for its employees and competition alike.

“The Mitsubishi team always operates at the highest level of professionalism; in sales, engineering, training, and technical support,” says Bringle. “Beyond that, Mitsubishi’s equipment communicates easily with the rest of our machinery and delivers consistency in production, exceeding our performance expectations.”

A Partner to Count On

Joe Gibbs Racing designs and builds more than 900 race car and engine components inside its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Among the extensive line of Mitsubishi equipment they depend on to get this done are the EA12V sinker EDM, MD+PRO and FA20S wire EDMs, hole popper, and HV Laser cutting system. 

In early 2008, the Charlotte, NC-based organization completed its collection of Mitsubishi equipment with a new 3000 Suprema Waterjet, which has a 7x13-foot table. The Waterjet is used primarily for cutting rubber, plastics, and other non-metal materials, plus metals that are too thick to be cut on the laser.

 “Some of our parts go through multiple processes on Mitsubishi equipment,” Bringle explains. “For example, a part might be roughed out on the Waterjet, finish cut on a CNC mill, and then complex internal shapes cut on an EDM. This is why Mitsubishi’s Supply Chain makes them such a valuable partner; they’re a one-source provider for many of our manufacturing needs.” 

The Suprema Waterjet provides four-axis cutting capabilities and ITC (Intelligent Taper Control), which is extremely important to the production of high-precision parts with waterjet technology. ITC analyzes cuts and provides taper control without the need for reducing speed, providing maximum accuracy on thicker parts and fast cuts. 

Mitsubishi Waterjet’s 700 Series Control provides advanced programming capabilities and unprecedented productivity from an operator-friendly, separated pedestal. Dedicated Nano control helps achieve high-precision machining. The unit is controlled on a 15-inch water-proof screen, with improved graphics and NC design to simplify operation. 

Joe Gibbs Racing and Mitsubishi have formed a partnership that keeps both organizations at the top of their games. Mitsubishi is constantly evolving to deliver solutions that will keep its partners successful. Joe Gibbs counts on Mitsubishi to bring engineering ideas from concept to car as quickly as possible.


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