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Make the switch from disk to drive

October 7, 2014 3:12:39 PM

New EDM USB drive replaces floppy disk for data storage

Say goodbye to floppy disks for storing important EDM data—and say hello to USB flash drives.  Mitsubishi EDM is making it easy to store your valuable data all in one spot with its reliable and configurable Universal Floppy Disk Emulator.

It’s simple. Data can be loaded into or saved from the Emulator’s memory using any USB flash drive. Each machine series also has a specific flash drive available that contains the system software, e-pack files, and parameter files specific to that series of machine.

The USB Emulator is compatible with all Mitsubishi EDM machines including the older 16 bit model controllers (C-series, H1-series, etc.). The device is designed to be a direct replacement for any Mitsubishi EDM machine with a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, plus it mounts directly into the machine control.

No special software is necessary to transfer data—just a simple copy and paste of each floppy disk folder straight onto the Emulator.

“Moving data from your PC to your machine has never been easier,” said Chris Jarrell, Wire EDM/Sinker EDM Applications Support, MC Machinery Systems. “The Universal Floppy Disk Emulator is a great enhancement especially for older machines since it converts all DOS.NC programs to CPM during the data transfer.”

To order your Universal Floppy Disk Emulator and special pre-loaded flash drive please contact MC Machinery Systems at 630-616-5900 and order part # EMUFDD-USB-29.

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