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Michigan OPS Ingersoll Eagle EDM Event a Big Success

January 26, 2016 10:28:44 AM

MC Machinery Systems along with our distributor partners always strive to help customers stay up on the latest technology developments. Educating customers and helping them continue to develop their skills ensures that shops with our equipment can tap in to the full power of the equipment we provide.

One way we do this is by hosting free training events across the country. Last week, our friends in Michigan, Performance Machinery welcomed about 30 customers for an OPS Ingersoll Eagle EDM Technology Seminar. We were lucky to have Andreas Feurschbach from OPS Ingersoll in Germany join our own sinker EDM applications manager Jim Weirdo to share a full day of sinker EDM knowledge with the crowd.

Here’s just a taste of what the group learned about:

  • How to take advantage of  Eagle’s Adaptive Current-Shape Generator to calculate each discharge perfectly for the specific burn
  • How advances in control design and programming can help speed up and improve jobs
  • Why the Eagle Power Jump feature can drastically reduce electrode wear and speed up burns—by up to 50 percent—especially in graphite
  • Burning challenging parts like speaker grills, rib clusters and lens molds

A big 'thank you' to Performance Machinery and Andreas for their time and support of this event.

Check the blog often to learn about events like this in your area.

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