Automation Nation grows with Mitsubishi Laser

Automation Nation grows with Mitsubishi Laser

December 11, 2013 1:51:48 PM

The fabrication market is strong right now, with little evidence of things slowing down. Metalworking forecasts for 2014 project continued growth, particularly where it relates to capacity utilization. In other words, adding capacity to increase productivity and output.


Mitsubishi Laser is leading the charge with more than 50 percent of machines being installed into the market with automation. Automation adds productivity to your shop by running around the clock, loading and unloading material and maximizing that material to get the most out of every sheet.

The most versatile and expandable automation on the market complements our extensive lineup of laser equipment. From a simple pallet changer to a multi-tower, multi-machine system, Mitsubishi’s extensive automation offering has the right solution for your needs.


Automation solutions include:                                                             Systems include:
» Compact systems for limited floor                                                        » Tandem load/unload
space                                                                                                  » Multiple shelf tower
» Full load/unload cycle time of                                                              » Multiple machines
approximately 65 seconds                                                                     » Break-in stations
» Up to one inch full load/unload

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