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Mitsubishi Lasers Reinvent Production of 100-Year-Old Product

December 15, 2015 1:27:44 PM

Ulrich Planfiling Corp of Lakewood, NY is using some ultra-modern machinery to manufacture its famous100-year-old product. The company's Planfile was developed as a compact economical alternative to flat filing cabinets for large document storages (think Space Shuttle blueprints and Einstein's doodles) and first gained notoriety thanks to an old-fashioned road show in 1915.

My, how times have changes. The company has been using Mitsubishi laser cutting technology for six years, updating to a 3015eX-45CR-R with a 4500-watt resonator last year and decreasing a key process from eight to five hours. A recent Manufacturing Engineering article details how this advanced technology has found its way in to the production of the century-old product.   

But that's not all Ulrich does. The piece also explores how the upgraded laser has combined with the shop's proven punch press and press brake forming, welding, and power coating capabilities to diversify the 38-employee shop to serve recycling, furniture and cleaning customers, among others.   

Read all about it in Manufacturing Engineering here.

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