MoldMaking Technology magazine examines additive laser sintering,hybrid milling technology from Matsuura, MC Machinery

MoldMaking Technology features LUMEX Avance-25

May 16, 2014 2:52:37 PM


Did you catch the May issue of MoldMaking Technology magazine? The LUMEX Avance-25 was featured, highlighting the revolutionary, time-saving advantages that a laser sintering, milling hybrid machine can bring to the mold and die industry. 

In actual mold examples, such as a mold core for a drill case part, this hybrid process has shown a 65 percent reduction in manufacturing time and a 50 percent cost reduction when compared to traditional milling. Such a mold took 11 days to machine with the hybrid process, and once the program was prepared, the machine could run unattended 24/7. Making the same mold conventionally would require 25 individual pieces and take about 30 to 40 days to machine, depending on the use of copper or graphite electrodes. 

Subtractive machining requires the creation of programs for the mills and electrodes to do rib and cavity work. Not to mention, traditionally made molds have increased mold cycle times. For example, when the drill case was built using conventional processes, the mold injection time was 23 seconds and cooling time was 30 seconds. However, with conformal cooling channels, the fill time remains the same, but the cooling time is reduced to 15 seconds. So a 53-second cycle is cut down to 38 seconds, just under a 30-percent improvement. 

Read more in MoldMaking Technology's May 2014 issue

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