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New Mitsubishi Lasers a Hit at FABTECH

November 13, 2015 3:06:12 PM

Thank you to the many customers, distributors and industry professionals that stopped by the FABTECH booth in Chicago this week. We were happy to have you.

If you weren’t able to join us, it was quite the scene. Our new fiber laser offering made its first appearance in the United States and there was a crowd watching it in action throughout the event. It’s staggering speed—now the fasted per kilowatt on the market— was supported with our newest automation which was also connected to a 2nd fiber laser. The eX-F with the all new, all-in-one Zoom Cutting Head boasts some very impressive features, jumping us right to the head of the pack in the fiber laser game. Here are some of the product details.

The New eX-F with the Zoom Cutting Head

  • All-in-one design with auto focus range of 3.75”-10” allows multiple sheet thickness cutting up to as much as 1” mild steel with no setup
  • No lens cleaning required
  • No cartridge changing required
  • Reduced nozzle centering time
  • Collision protection with the industry’s best magnetic breakaway technology
  • HPP pierce technology
  • Workpiece dimension = 120” x 60”

And because we know not every shop’s work warrants a major investment in fiber technology, we continue to improve our CO2 offering. The debut of our SR CO2 laser attracted a lot of attention at the show as well. The SR is our 5th generation, high-speed flying optic machine and it’s a really excellent entry level option. Here’s what you need to know about it.

SR Series CO2 Laser

  • Improved resonator delivers a better beam, resulting in 40% speed gain in thick plate
  • Up to 80% improvement in surfact finish quality in stainless
  • Gas change time is improved by 60% over previous model
  • Accommodates 5” and 7.5” focal lengths
  • Auto focus preset head. No need to focus between cartridge changes
  • Faster lens movement, speed, long focus stroke
  • Centering is supplied on the cartridge instead of the head, allowing for easier nozzle centering, quick-change lens cartridge
  • Optional nozzle changer automates the nozzle change process for up to five nozzles simultaneously
  • Built-in Jet Pierce provides ability to aggressively pierce mild steel
  • Antiplasma Height Control ignores plasma generated while processing thin materials at high speed. A constant gap is maintained


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