The Power of Pre-Owned

The Power of Pre-Owned

December 10, 2013 5:02:22 PM

Smart choices yield smart businesses, and Porter’s Fabrications is no exception. What started off as a $900,000/year in sales job shop in Bessemer City outside Charlotte, NC quickly turned into a $42 million/year laser cutting dynamo. Success was sparked by one solo Mitsubishi Certified Pre-Owned 3015 LXP-4030D. 

Changing hands in 2002, Porter’s Fabrications was bought from Mr. Porter by Mr. Hans Weed who wanted to expand the shop to include laser cutting capabilities. Weed found a successful working relationship when he partnered with distribution company, Advanced Technology Sales & Service, Inc. ATS is the only Mitsubishi approved rebuilder in North America and all machines must pass a 130 point inspection: Weed could rest assured he had made a safe bet moving into quality laser cutting with minimal capital. 

Two years after his initial pre-owned purchase, he was hungry for more but this time they would be new. Anticipating higher volume laser cutting jobs, Weed thought he would need five to six more machines but was advised against it by his contact at ATS, Patrick Medlin. The answer was not another machine but automation. 

Automation opened the door for even more work with continual lights-out operation and machines achieving 87% efficiency. CEO, Charles Saleh corroborated the success of the machines saying “we were able to produce higher quality materials faster which made everybody happy and us more profitable.” Trucking companies, financial institutions, construction related equipment companies, industrial pipe and paving companies, all turn to Porter’s for their array of metal cutting needs. 

This diverse customer base required the purchase of a three additional automated LVPLUSlasers, one stand-alone LV laser, all equipped with automated handling units. Customer laser cutting demands for various grades and types of steel remain high and the automated laser machines provide capacity and flexibility. 

However, Mitsubishi’s unparalleled and ready service Mitsubishi is what sold Saleh on continuing the relationship. He cited a severe electrical storm that produced a bolt of lightning and hit a laser, frying the machine. The severity of damage forced Saleh to move cutting processes to the second plant during the downtime. Saleh said “in the middle of all that we had to scramble and talk to Mitsubishi, ATS and our insurance company but at the end of the day we were able to work as a team and get the machine replaced in a matter of a couple of weeks. We turned it from a negative into a positive. Mitsubishi and ATS jumped in and got us back on track.”


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