Die/Mold Maker stays Competitive with Mitsubishi Technology

Die/Mold Maker stays Competitive with Mitsubishi Technology

December 10, 2013 11:57:15 AM

For nearly 25 years, PTM, Inc., (Onalaska, WI) has specialized in building and customizing plastic injection molds and stamping dies for many industries, including automotive, recreational, electronic and building. 

Evolution within these industries has opened new opportunities for PTM as well. In the automotive industry, for example, more components under the hood are being manufactured with plastic than ever before. An increased need for plastic injection molds has helped expand PTM’s reach to automotive manufacturers.

With a reputation for meeting customer specifications and providing on-time delivery, PTM has earned a reputation for working with their customers and keeping them satisfied. The high percentage of repeat customers, plus the new business that comes through word of mouth is evidence of this company’s service and dedication to its clients.

The company previously used EDM equipment from another manufacturer, but today, relies solely on Mitsubishi equipment to build their molds and stamping dies. The company’s first Mitsubishi was purchased in 1995, and every EDM bought since has been from Mitsubishi.

“We needed an EDM partner that we could rely on. Mitsubishi machines deliver the best in speed, accuracy and dependability. And the service team is great,” explains Ron Peterson, president of PTM.

Mitsubishi EDM and Schweda Machine Tool Sales played a critical role in helping PTM select the right equipment for their facility and business. New machines are installed and up and running within days, Peterson explains. In-house training allows operators to learn the new technology quickly. 

And, with several service centers located throughout the country, Mitsubishi service technicians can handle service calls quickly. 

“Mitsubishi keeps us competitive, allowing us to deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers,” Peterson adds. “Mitsubishi gives us the capability to keep everything in-house, which allows us to maintain total control over schedules.” 

The once domestic die/mold industry is now competing in a global economy, Peterson explains, so updating equipment regularly and evolving to stay competitive is critical to PTM’s survival.


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