Stay competitive and profitable with Mitsubishi

Stay competitive and profitable with Mitsubishi

December 11, 2013 11:33:11 AM

For domestic machine shops, the margin between staying competitive and staying profitable continues to narrow. To do both successfully, it is important to realize that investing in new equipment can significantly boost a company’s production and capacity. This philosophy has kept St. Marys, PA-based QualaDie, Inc., at the forefront of their industry.

The company has come a long way since its start in 1978 with two guys and one surface grinder. Today, the powder metal tooling and precision machining shop employs 120 full-time employees, and operates three shifts, five days per week from a 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility.

Located in the heart of the powder metal industry, Quala-Die is strategically positioned to supply powdered compaction tooling to a wide variety of industries, including automotive, lawn and garden and heavy equipment. In addition to specializing in powdered compaction tooling, Quala-Die has full-service engineering and quality control departments dedicated to high-precision machining.


Partnering with Mitsubishi 

Through a business acquisition in 2003, Quala-Die inherited its first Mitsubishi wire EDM technology. 


“After learning to run the Mitsubishi, we found that it was much more accurate than any of the machines we had been using up until that point,” explains MIS Supervisor, Ryan Magaro. “When it was time to purchase a new wire EDM, we approached several vendors with tests. Mitsubishi was the only one to deliver what was promised.”

As a result, Quala-Die purchased two Mitsubishi FA10 wire EDMs. Recognized for high precision and performance, the FA’s speed and reliability set the foundation for a long-term partnership between Quala-Die and Mitsubishi. 

According to Magaro, the Mitsubishi machines helped increase productivity, allowing Quala-Die to produce more work with more accuracy and less cycle time. This correlates to increased capacity, higher sales and better profitability.

“Not only do the machines perform incredibly well, Mitsubishi’s service and support have been very impressive,” says Magaro. Service may not always be top-of-mind when purchasing equipment, but, he says, “Any issues are taken care of immediately, decreasing downtime and increasing productivity. This directly affects our overall profitability.”

When the need arose to add a new high-speed milling machine to the shop, Roku-Roku was at the top of the list. After significant research and testing, Quala-Die purchased its fifth high-speed mill: a Roku-Roku HC-658.

“We have four other high-speed milling machines from a different vendor, so going to a new manufacturer was a big decision. But we have constant maintenance issues on our existing machines,” Magaro explains. “And, because most of the parts come from out of the country, we have to deal with extended downtime and lack of production.” 

MC Machinery Systems is a single-source provider for all EDM and Roku-Roku technology. This means that both lines are supported by the same industry-leading service team Mitsubishi is known for. Dennis Sharples of Sharples Machinery, a Mitsubishi dealer since 2006, has played an important role in learning Quala-Die’s business and equipment needs. 

“Mitsubishi can provide us with a complete package and support us after the sale with quality, service and support that is second to none,” says Magaro. “By focusing on our business, Mitsubishi has been a true partner. They realize how making their customers successful benefits everyone involved.”


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