Company Uses EDM to Manufacture Custom Medical Components

Company Uses EDM to Manufacture Custom Medical Components

December 10, 2013 11:46:41 AM

Manufacturing for the medical market requires superior accuracy, top precision, and the flexibility to accommodate the demands of a constantly-evolving industry. Paul Viola, President of Quantum Concepts, Inc., (Bogota, NJ) recognizes the importance of having the right equipment and manufacturing partner behind him.

“Our first Mitsubishi Wire EDM gave us the precision and speed to stay competitive in such a fast and demanding industry,” explains Viola. The machine’s flexibility allows the company to machine parts of various shapes, sizes and materials. This versatility has helped Quantum to manufacture the custom and short-run components they supply to the medical market.

Quantum Concepts was started by Paul Viola in 1996. With 20 years of work experience in the medical field, he was able to apply his knowledge for a successful transition into medical manufacturing. The company soon acquired ISO certification and began supplying medical components to major medical OEMs.

About EDM

“The EDM process allows us to achieve superior quality and fine finishing,” Viola comments. “And because Mitsubishi equipment is so consistent and reliable, we are able to manufacture with absolute confidence.”

Quantum Concepts has three Mitsubishi Wire EDM machines in production: an FA20 and two FA10s. The FA Series combines performance-enhancing features with cost-efficient electrical and consumable operations. The three-machine EDM cell requires only one operator, minimizing overhead and labor costs for Quantum, without sacrificing the quality and precision necessary to be a medical supplier. 

Quantum Concepts relies on Mitsubishi EDM for total manufacturing support. Mitsubishi EDM has the knowledge and experience to help Quantum maximize its capacity and evolve to stay competitive in the demanding medical field.

“This is a company that understands the importance of making strategic decisions and selecting the right partners,” comments Mitsubishi EDM’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Nicolas Giannotte. “Quantum Concepts is a company that understands this importance. This will keep them successful for many years to come.”


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