Smartech Corporation Cuts Corners with New Mitsubishi Technology

Smartech Corporation Cuts Corners with New Mitsubishi Technology

December 12, 2013 4:31:03 PM

Smartech Corporation (Mount Vernon, NY) expanded its capability and business with the addition of two new wire EDM machines from Mitsubishi. The New York area job shop, specializing in medical, motor sports, power generation, aerospace and automotive components, acquired one Mitsubishi MD+ Pro III Advance and another MD+ Pro II Advance wire EDM machine.

These machines were instrumental in allowing me to meet the demands of one particularly large job, cutting the run time for each component by more than 40 percent,” said Michael Chahade, owner. “Now that the job is finished, we find that these EDMs have allowed us to open up time on our existing milling machines, and use them more efficiently for other operations. Overall, this has created a much faster machining process, regardless of the component.”

The MD+PRO III Advance features the new M700 series control with 15″ touch screen, providing easy user interface and many features that will Advance your EDM machining. It also showcases Mitsubishi’s continuous dedication to high precision through several new innovations including a new non-contact Cylindrical Drive System on the X and Y axis drives.

The MD+PRO III features many improvements in machine construction, auto-threading, internal machine communication, power supply technology and operating cost reduction. This truly is a revolution in wire EDM technology.

The MD+PRO II is the smallest and most economical Mitsubishi wire EDM available, but still delivers the speed, quality and precision these industries demand. Its stacked-filter design reduces floor space requirements by 20 percent. Several features of the MD+PRO II have undergone significant redesign to maximize machine performance and profitability.

Smartech Mfg Corp. provides state-of-the-art manufacturing, safely and quickly delivering quality parts that are done right the first time, every time, at competitive pricing. The company can handle 4-axis work pieces up to 40 in. by 20 in. and 4-axis rotary work up to 12 in. in diameter. And now more than ever, with its new EDM capability, Smartech is willing to take on the most demanding projects with confidence.

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