Full-service, Full potential

Full-service, Full potential

December 11, 2013 1:09:44 PM

Johnny Valadez says MC Machinery offers the total package—and he knows a thing or two about being a full-service partner. As an owner of Valencia, Calif.-based Technical Manufacturing West (TMW), Valadez offers customers the entire spectrum of medical device engineering and manufacturing services—from conception to prototype to full-scale production.

A veteran to the medical manufacturing world—having worked primarily in orthopedic instruments and implantable components—Valadez went out on his own, starting TMW about a year ago. In that short time, the company has experienced extraordinary growth.

“When we started the business, it was important that our services add value and exceed customer expectations,” says Valadez. “Our customers learn very quickly that we are agile, responsive and really know the industry, and they appreciate that.”

To that end, TMW works with customers—even those who already have designs—to make their end products perform better and reduce their costs. 

“We own several medical device designs and patents, and this demonstrates to customers that we understand the market on the engineering side of things,” says Valadez. “If you can only manufacture what’s on the customer-provided blueprint, you’re just another job shop.”

While many medical manufacturers are larger and therefore less nimble, TMW’s smaller size puts the company at an advantage, allowing Valadez to help clients through the engineering process, develop prototypes and start production on lightning-fast timelines. 

Valadez credits two new Mitsubishi machines—an FA10S Advance wire EDM and a Diamond Cut DV-1000 mill from MC Machinery—with helping TMW keep up with the rapid influx of challenging medical work. 
“The Advance wire EDM is such a great, user-friendly machine,” says Valadez. “We can go straight from concept to model, send the program to the machine wirelessly, and be making the prototype the very same day.” 

Having worked with Mitsubishi machines his entire more-than-20-year career, Valadez knows firsthand how efficient and reliable they are. 

Coolant through spindle

“The medical manufacturing industry is competitive, and the pricing pressures on manufacturers are very real, so we knew we had to be extremely cost-efficient,” Valadez says. “Dollar for dollar, Mitsubishi EDM equipment is the absolute best value. It’s extremely reliable, very accurate and the finishes are great.”

With all the growth the company has experienced, Valadez has plans to add new machines from MC Machinery in the near future—possibly more mills and wire EDM machines. 

When asked about Mitsubishi service and support, Valadez is at somewhat of a loss.

“The quality and reliability of the machines has been so great, we haven’t really needed much support,” says Valadez. “We have an older Mitsubishi wire EDM from the ‘90s that still runs and performs like the day it was first delivered from the factory.”

Still, Valadez says if he needs the support, it’s just a phone call away. 

“Mitsubishi is so responsive; they’ll be there as soon as you call—on a weekend, anytime,” he says. “You just couldn’t ask for a better relationship, it’s incredible.”


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