Power Feed Conversion Kit Leads to More Efficient and Cost-Effective Opperations

Power Feed Conversion Kit Leads to More Efficient and Cost-Effective Opperations

December 10, 2013 11:37:26 AM

The Keystone Friction Hinge Co. has been metal stamping and industrial fabricating for 100 years. The 85,000 square-foot facility in Williamsport, PA and its more than 90 employees work to deliver the superior quality the company is known for. Journeyman Tool & Diemakers, Mike Miller and Jim Moser, monitor the facility’s EDM division to be sure all EDM equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

When the company incorporated its 90CS Mitsubishi wire EDM in 2003, a Van-TG Power Feed Conversion Kit was purchased and installed. The Conversion Kit requires no guide alignment after power feed rotation, decreases downtime and increases performance of earlier EDM models.

“Having the kit on our 90CS has saved us valuable time in the maintenance of our power feeds and diamond guides. A lot less disassembly is required in servicing the guides and power feeds,” he says. This combined with the time saved per rotation when compared to conventional power feed contacts lead to return on investment in under one year. “We’re able to rotate our power feeds 48 times before we replace them.”

The Van-TG Power Feed Conversion Kit has maximized machine performance and longevity for the Keystone Friction Hinge Co. Now that power feed contacts are exchangeable between the company’s90CS and its other Mitsubishi EDM, operations have become more efficient and cost-effective.

Beyond the obvious benefits in production CPG has been able to deliver, Miller adds, “The CPG staff has gone above and beyond to provide us with an exceptional level of customer service and support.”


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