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Thank you for a successful IMTS!

October 2, 2014 3:40:49 PM

MC Machinery wants to thank everyone for their support at IMTS by offering free test cuts as well as special pricing and financing rates.

Schedule a test cut

Looking for the best way to cut a part? Send your part to MC Machinery and experts will compare test cuts on multiple technologies to find the most efficient way to manufacture your part. Experts can also improve productivity and your bottom line with a time study. Experts will evaluate your part processing time and make recommendations on how to reduce cycle time- and wasted money.

For a Wire EDM test cut, click here

For a Sinker EDM test cut, click here

Special pricing and financing

Get special rates on machine purchases when you finance your machine with MAC Funding. Offers are good through October 15, 2014. Call 630-860-4210 for more details.

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