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U.S. Senator Visits Wisconsin Customer on National Manufacturing Day

October 2, 2015 2:31:51 PM

A Mitsubishi laser served as the backdrop as Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson commemorated National Manufacturing Day, Friday in Waukesha, WI.

Miro Tool & Manufacturing played host as Senator Johnson toured the evolving manufacturer’s 42,000-square-foot facility which features of one of the company’s recent capital investments—the 4500-watt Mitsubishi eX Series CO2 laser. The Senator spoke to the employees afterwards delivering this message.

“The purpose of Wisconsin Manufacturing Month is to highlight how much manufacturing contributes to our state — especially how manufacturing offers well-paid jobs across a wide range of skill levels and interests. It is encouraging to see Wisconsin education officials joining state agencies and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce in spreading this message during the month. We need to overcome the attitude that work in manufacturing is second-class and that working in the skilled trades is undesirable. All work has value and provides the dignity of earning one’s own success.  From my 31 years as a manufacturer, working with skilled, dedicated Wisconsin employees, I can attest that careers in manufacturing are a great way to make a living.” 

Miro President, Jeff Brown, commented, “It is a great honor for a small manufacturing company like Miro to host a United States Senator during this time of diversification and investment for us, especially someone like Senator Johnson who understands the needs of American manufacturers.”

Congratulations on the a successful event, Miro team. We wish you continued success.

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