Orthodontics manufacturer reduces machining time and increases accuracy

Orthodontics manufacturer reduces machining time and increases accuracy

December 11, 2013 10:18:34 AM

World Class Technology knows a little something about tight tolerances. The company specializes in metal injection molding of orthodontic products, including brackets, buccal tubes and lingual buttons.

Based in McMinnville, OR, this manufacturer maintains a cleanroom-type manufacturing environment. They use a special nickel-free stainless steel to prevent nickel-related allergic reactions from cropping up after two years of exposure in an orthodontic patient’s mouth. 

A few months ago, World Class Technology was having trouble holding the 0.0001-0.0002-inch tolerances they needed with their old machining equipment. So, when Tooling Supervisor John Ashton went searching for an alternative, he went to a source he had come to trust over the past 10 years—Mitsubishi EDM.
“I’ve worked with Mitsubishi machines in the past, so I already knew from experience what they were capable of,” Ashton says.

The company recently installed a new FA10S wire EDM unit, followed just weeks later by an EA12V sinker machine. Ashton says World Class Technology is also considering adding a FA10PS machine in the near future. While the company uses the FA10S for cutting ejector pinholes, core pin holes, gib pockets and other tooling, it uses the EA12Vto create molds for its metal injection molding operation.

Ashton says, “We opted to purchase Mitsubishi machines because of their excellent accuracy and speed. We haven’t been disappointed on either.” One mold insert that Ashton makes regularly required 10 to12 hours from setup to burn time on one older machine. The EA12V’ssuperior performance helped cut that process time to a maximum of five hours. 

“The machine is very operator friendly and easy to set up,” Ashton says. “It also helped cut down on programming time drastically.” He adds, “Because of Mitsubishi EDM’s popularity on the west coast, it is easier to find qualified operators for the Mitsubishi machines than any other manufacturer.


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