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Why a milling machine from MC Machinery?

October 21, 2014 1:35:34 PM

A Tulsa shop owner shares his recent decision making process

It’s no surprise that Tulsa, Okla.-based job shop Tulsa Metal Finishers got its start providing parts for the oil industry in 1977—the city of Tulsa is heavily dependent on the industry. Over the past few decades, however, stiff competition (oftentimes from overseas) prompted president Ralph Gillum to diversify his company’s capabilities.

“Around 1988 is when we started building on our beginnings as a thread-milling shop to become more of a full-service milling shop,” says Gillum.

Eighty percent of Tulsa Metal Finishers work, however, still entails making parts for oil and gas heaters, mainly working with stainless-steel grades ranging from 310 to 330. Recently, it brought on a new client in the highway engineering industry and needed to acquire a new milling machine. A Haas user, Gillum was ready to make another investment in that machine brand, but did his due-diligence first.

“I worked on a Mitsubishi machine in the past and remember it was a solid, well-built machine,” says Gillum. “So I looked into MC Machinery’s milling options.”

His distributor, Bryon Machado with C4 Industrial, showed him the Mitsubishi MCV1200 and Gillum saw the benefits—including long-term growth potential, quality and cost. He placed the order and added a fourth axis.

“My first reaction was that it was a heavily built machine,” says Gillum. “It would withstand our production needs, but it’s quieter than our other machines.”

Machado said that it was not only the milling machine that impressed Gillum, but also MC Machinery Systems’ diverse offering and full-service approach.

“He really saw ordering this new machine as the first step in a long-term growth plan,” says Machado. “Now he can add on more Mitsubishi machines, whether that be lasers or lathes, and they will all run on the same control.”

Tulsa Metal Finishers has been running the machine for four weeks now doing drilling and tapping. The machine is able to produce two parts at once, resulting in 500 parts per day.

“So far, so good,” says Gillum. “Every time I call MC Machinery, someone answers the phone. That doesn’t sound like a big deal—but it is. I feel confident we made the right choice.”

Check out this article in the Fall 2014 Mitsubishi EDM Newsletter The Leader. To request your copy of The Leader call (630) 616-5920. 

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