MC Machinery hosts additive manufacturing insider

MC Machinery hosts additive manufacturing speaker Todd Grimm

May 13, 2014 9:00:20 AM

MC Machinery recently welcomed additive manufacturing insider Todd Grimm to speak with employees and distributors and give an honest assessment of what is happening in the additive industry (often called 3D printing among media). Grimm stated he is “enthusiastically realistic” about where additive manufacturing is going and even though media has made the concept “white hot,” the hype cycle indicates manufacturers are starting to experience the standard doubt, hesitation and misunderstanding that comes with new technologies.

Grimm said those manufacturers need to be aware that this is not a “push button” technology. There is a learning curve that comes with the new additive machines on the market. This makes service a top priority when looking at whom to buy additive machines from.

“Service is key when it comes to evaluating additive machine manufacturers. The machines are simply too expensive to sit idle. If it isn’t working correctly or the shop is having a hard time operating it, you need to know you can get a service technician or replacement part quickly,” Grimm said.

Grimm thinks that the hybrid machine concept, similar to MC Machinery’s LUMEX offering, is the key to productivity when it comes to additive manufacturing.

Grimm will be in attendance at MC Machinery’s upcoming EDM Open House on Wednesday June 18th to discuss the additive industry more in-depth. Please register here.

Learn more about MC Machinery’s additive and service offerings here and here.

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