Amerimold 2014 | Mitsubishi EDM

Amerimold 2014; June 10-12

March 25, 2014 11:43:09 AM

Visit Mitsubishi EDM dealer, Peformance Machinery, at Amerimold 2014 - booth 231. The show will take place June 11-12 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. Technology on display will include the MV2400 Mitsubishi wire EDM and the Ingersoll 800 sinker EDM .

Mitsubishi's new MV2400 Advance wire EDM features a non-contact Cylindrical Drive Technology; this iron-free design provides smooth, friction-free motion without the cogging inherent in other linear motor designs. The MV Series also features improvements in machine construction, auto-threading, internal machine communication, power supply technology and operating costs. 

The Ingersoll 800 features the Eagle PowerTec power supply, the world's first adaptive current-shape generator. Each discharge pulse calculates and creates the ideal current shape to meet the exact discharge requirements at that moment. This, combined with Eagle Power Jump, reduces burn time by up to 50 percent, while drastically reducing electrode wear - especially in graphite.

Visit Peformance Machinery at Amerimold booth 231 to learn more!

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