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Canada-based shop JENFAB shares why the new ZOOM fiber laser is the latest addition to their machine line-up

MC Machinery’s newest fiber laser is the eX-F Series with ZOOM Fiber. This machine combines the best of both worlds: the top-notch construction of the popular eX Series CO2 lasers and the power and reliability of Mitsubishi’s finest fiber resonator. In testing, the eX-F has demonstrated significant advantages over conventional CO2 lasers in medium- and thick-plate processing in terms of time and cost. Non-process times are also cut in half with simultaneous nozzle cleaning, height sensor calibration, nozzle changing, and gas purge. The Zoom Head has the ability to adjust the focus between a 3.75” – 10” focal length. It also can change the mode for the laser to cut thicker materials with CO2 edge quality finishes. With Zoom Head technology, there are no cartridges to exchange or lenses to clean or replace.

Operating costs are cut dramatically, 70-80 percent, when compared to conventional CO2 and even more when available ECO Mode is activated. Powerful controls with standard features like automatic focusing, two-action processing, simple nesting, and program editing make it easy to use for the operator.

“We’ve long been in the fiber game, but the eX-F puts Mitsubishi right in the discussion with the leading fiber laser manufacturers in the world,” Shane Herendeen, North America sales manager for fabrication at MC Machinery said. “Built on the same eX platform as our most popular CO2 machine, this system’s top-end power, revolutionary all-in-one Zoom Head, and efficiency will change the way people think of Mitsubishi Laser.”

Concord, Ontario-based JENFAB agrees. The family-owned metal fabrication shop was looking to replace one of their existing laser machines and recent work in aluminum and galvanized steel made them interested in this new technology.

“We wanted to stay ahead of the competition in those materials and also needed a machine that could handle a full range of material types and thicknesses,” says Steven Jensen, General Manager of JENFAB. “We never know what type of work is going to come through our doors, so we want machinery that is highly productive and flexible.”

The process of deciding to purchase the new laser took about a year. “We looked at many other lasers, and once this machine became available we knew it was right for us,” Jensen says. “It offered the productivity we needed with faster set up, lower energy output, and is user-friendly.”

The machine is the most significant investment JENFAB has made in years. “We’ve worked with MC Machinery and our local rep Chris Linton for years and truly see them as a partner in our business. They’ve worked with us every step of the way to ensure we are comfortable with this investment and we believe with their help we’ll be successful with this new technology, adds Jensen.