Customer Support Engineer - EDM CA

Customer Support Engineer - EDM (CA)




  • Primary responsibility is the ability to exercise independent discretion and judgment to train customers on proper machine operation, setup, and part production, either on-site or by conducting formal classroom instruction to the advanced subject level. Secondary responsibility is to exercise independent judgment and discretion to resolve application-related machine operation problems of company/customers, either at the customer’s site or by telephone support. This includes knowledge and competence of all electrical and some mechanical alignments, the ability to evaluate proper machine performance, operation and job setups as well as being able to advise on the use of setting technology. Additionally this job function is required to be able to do Wire and Sinker EDM machine installations as well as conduct basic electrical and mechanical machinery repair as needed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: may include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Review, evaluate, and resolve machine maintenance and applications-related problems at customer sites with the overall intention of improving and enhancing the performance of the customer’s electrical discharge machinery. Must assume responsibility and exercise discretion and independent judgment to evaluate, diagnose, and provide timely, appropriate responses and resolutions to customer reports, and as necessary, determine whom else at MC Machinery to involve in customer problem solving.
  • Diagnose and resolve precision manufacturing issues. This includes the ability to produce (erode) a shape to high tolerance dimensionally and locationally. Must be able to properly measure parts and analyze possible environmental and mechanical causes.
  • Provide process training to customers (and in some events other MC Machinery employees) with the overall intention of instructing and/or recommending methods that will improve and/or enhance the performance of the machinery and optimize its usage for their particular needs. Engineer must be competent to instruct in both wire and sinker product lines to the intermediate skill level.
  • Exercise independent judgment and discretion to create solutions for customers in addressing machine maintenance, proper technology, and applications-related problems. Routinely, such solutions may be provided telephonically.
  • Exercise judgment and discretion to assist in the creation of training programs for customers.
  • Perform machine installation (both wire and sinker). This includes all setup and checkout duties as well as the ability to align, and if necessary conduct basic-level service repair operations.


Education, Licenses, Certifications:

  • 3 to 5 year experience, or equivalent in the industry either through employment by another EDM machine tool manufacturer as an application engineer or as an EDM operator in the Die/Mold industry
  • Associate’s degree in electronics or equivalent experience in EDM machinery repair.


  • In addition to the educational requirement, a basic understanding of the molding industry, and general machine shop operations is preferred. Also necessary is competency in the use and operation of calipers, micrometers, surface finish gauges, leveling devices, precision indicators, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, soldering irons, and other equipment necessary to perform the job function.

Skills, knowledge, abilities required:

  • Ability to work independently and use judgment to determine customer problems without direct supervision.
  • Ability to interact with customers in a way so as to maintain customer confidence in MC Machinery and MC Machinery product.
  • Ability to identify opportunities to sell customers additional MC Machinery product and to sell product in such opportunities.
  • Considerable knowledge, and the ability to apply the principles and practices, of application engineering to the functionality of electrical discharge machinery.
  • Ability to independently judge customer situations in order to train customers on the best way to optimize the usage of the machine and apply to their particular needs and settings.
  • Knowledge of electrical discharge machinery maintenance, cutting techniques, programming, controller functions, and troubleshooting techniques, as well as ability to train customers on proper usage of such techniques.
  • Ability to independently diagnose and treat a variety of problems or situations and modify as deemed necessary.
  • Ability to effectively document and communicate ideas, strategies, problems, and solutions in both verbal and written forms to co-workers and customers.
  • Ability to prepare written service reports and other necessary supportive documentation.
  • Ability to travel to various customer locations as necessary.
  • Ability to create strategic and effective solutions to customer’s problems.
  • Comprehensive mastery of applicable industry standards and the ability to draw upon that knowledge to create innovative solutions to customer’s challenges.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of application engineering to electrical discharge machining.

Working Conditions:

  • A smaller portion of work is performed in a normal office environment, where the noise level is quiet to moderate. Larger portion of work is performed in a showroom; warehouse or shop environment, where temperatures may not be climate controlled, and will therefore be cooler or hotter than traditional offices. The noise level may be high in warehouses and shop environments due to the use of various types of equipment.

  • Hazards: It is possible that the individual will experience exposure to various climatic conditions and possible injury when working around machinery and electrical equipment. The hazards may include exposure to fumes, vapors, grease, oil, dust, etc. All safety requirements must be followed carefully.

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Equal Opportunity Employer – race, sex, veteran or disability status, gender identity, sexual orientation