Case Study: Zero Tolerance

Investing in the Best Equipment Gives Zero Tolerance the Competitive Edge

Machine shops aren’t exactly known for embracing change.

For that reason, Zero Tolerance stands out. President Steve Michon considers change the driving force behind the success of his mold machine shop, with technology, equipment and machining methods continually evaluated for improvement.

Located in Clinton Township, Mich., Zero Tolerance is a 10-year-old plastic injection mold machine shop that has differentiated itself from the competition by embracing the latest technology and equipment, including MC Machinery wire and sinker EDMs.

Michon takes it even further by sharing his EDM knowledge in popular videos on social media. The company’s active social media presence is facilitated by Marketing Coordinator Murphy Forsyth, who says the videos appeal to a wide audience including young people interested in manufacturing careers.

Zero Tolerance has come a long way from its start in the basement of Michon’s parents’ house in Clinton Township, a community about 40 miles north of Detroit. The company now has 13 employees and a growing customer base in the medical, defense, consumer goods and automotive industries.

“The right equipment can save a lot of time and add productivity,” Michon said. “We want to be known for really complicated, high-precision work and the ability to make changes on the fly. For that to happen, we have to invest in the latest machines and technology.”

Zero Tolerance added a Mitsubishi MV2400-R wire EDM in February 2021, which was an immediate game changer, Michon said. “It is easy to program and leave running.”

The Gantry Eagle 800 sinker EDM was added in 2020, doubling capacity and increasing efficiency by as much as 40 percent.

“The Eagle 800 has burn technology that gives us a competitive advantage because it takes about half the time to burn and uses fewer electrodes, which saves both time and money,” Michon said. “Our goal is to run it all day and all weekend. I like that we also are cutting down on our carbon footprint by using fewer graphite electrodes and less copper wire than before.”

Michon follows the motto, “Work to learn, not to earn,” and leads by example when it comes to adapting to change.

“It’s an older industry, so it can be difficult getting people to do stuff the new way,” he said.

Service from MC Machinery has been a huge selling point, Michon said.

When an EDM board went out, service technicians assisted over the phone and then promptly went on site to install a new one.

“Service is what makes the machines work great,” he said. “MC Machinery provides superior service with highly trained technicians who go the extra mile.”