Discover How Investing in MC Machinery Solutions Helped Two Companies Meet Production Goals

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In a recent article featured on Shop Floor Laser magazine, CenMac and KMS share how investing in the right fabricating equipment and partnering with MC Machinery has aided them in reaching their production goals.

Through every new venture and fabricating project, CenMac has looked at MC Machinery as a trusted partner for new equipment. Founded in 1960, this family-owned manufacturing company specializes in laser cutting and forming, CNC machining, welding, and stamping, along with many other capabilities.

CenMac has 1kW and 4.5kW CO2 lasers and an 8kW fiber laser, all equipped with full automation systems for the most cost-effective production. Geared toward higher volume jobs, the MC Machinery CO2 laser with automation runs an average of 130 hours per week. The company also owns several MC Machinery press brakes including a hybrid BH 1353, with 150-tons of pressure, that’s capable of handling workpieces up to 10 feet long, and two electric BB 6013, 55-ton press brakes that are ideal for shorter workpieces.

“We weren’t looking for anything specific, we were just looking for the best quality machines that would give us the best opportunity to be successful in the industry,” says Ken Hall, CenMac plant manager. “Although we didn’t have any specific parts we were looking to make, we wanted machines that would allow us to make them fast once the requests started coming in.”

As with CenMac, MC Machinery serves as a valuable partner to KMS, a fabrication company with facilities in Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

The partnership began when KMS needed to start creating parts faster at competitive prices due to an expanding client base. They made the decision to purchase two 3015 eX-45CF-R lasers with an MSCIII tower, and a second fiber optic cell for its South Carolina location. KMS also takes advantage of MC Machinery’s remote360® for its Mitsubishi Laser machines, which helps operators monitor the status of the machines remotely.

“Remote360 has become an essential tool during lights-out production and the Mitsubishi lasers have been fantastic – the process speed is incredible,” says Adam Hartman, vice president of operations at KMS. “Without automation, we wouldn’t be able to load and unload the carts fast enough. Our output has significantly increased, more than doubling our previous CO2 lasers.”

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