Laser (EX-F/RX-F): Level 2 – Optimization and Application Strategies

Laser (EX-F/RX-F): Level 2 – Optimization and Application Strategies

Advanced Course - 2 Days

The Advanced Application Course begins with an introduction to the advanced NC features and functions of the controller that will help in part processing, cutting, and troubleshooting. Each student will review the proper methods of nozzle centering, focusing, and height calibration as well as learn proper shortcuts and troubleshooting methods for setup problems. However, this class is truly designed to address the processing/setup/programming issues which are unique to what you do.

This course has no syllabus, and is based upon your situation. If you have material(s) you are struggling with, part(s) you are having difficulty processing, programming strategy is a problem, a unique setup, or any other situation that needs addressed then this course will be ideal.

The issues presented will be followed up by a demonstration and class lab that will include work piece preparation fundamentals and will allow each student to actually use the advanced features of the machine and apply it to their unique situation.

Students will be given time on the equipment to perform the above setup procedures. They then will have the opportunity to cut several parts in varied thickness and complexity. During these labs they will be shown how to diagnose the cut and make changes in the cutting condition. The student will be shown how different pierce routines and lead in types can reduce processing time as well as common programming strategies that can be implemented.

Students will be able to bring programs, drawing files and examples of parts, in order to discuss and develop real world solutions with their fellow students and seasoned Application Engineers to problems that are plaguing your operation.

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This course is designed for operators who have either attended the Machine Fundamental course or operated the equipment for at least six months.

Assuming that the attendee has previous equipment familiarity there will be only a limited review of basic functions and controls. Operators must be comfortable setting up and operating the machine without the help of machine manuals or operation notes.