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Answering Common EDM Questions We've Heard Lately

18 de septiembre de 2015 16:47:44

Q. I have several Mitsubishi EDMs, all with a floppy disk drive unit. Is it possible to update this device to a USB for loading programs or updating my system software?

A. We have developed a USB emulator that works with all our machines, including the old 16-bit model controllers (C-series, H1-series, etc.). The device is the same size as the FDD unit and mounts directly into the machine control.

Each series machine also has a specific flash drive available that contains the system software, e-pack files, and parameter files specific to each machine series.

Q. I often use the ESTIMATE screens on my wire EDMs to gauge how long a program will take to run. Is there another way to get an estimated cut time for a part without having to create a program and load it in to my machine?

A. There is. To calculate the time, take the periphery of the part, one time around, divided by the A.L.F. (Average Linear Feed Rate) value shown for the last pass of the cut you will be taking. The resulting value will give you the machining time. For example, if you are cutting 1.5” steel using .010” wire on a MV-R doing a rough and three skims, the A.L.F. value for the last pass of your cut is 3.81 and the part is a 1” x 1” square you would calculate as follows: 4.0 (cut profile) /3.81 = 1.05 hours (63 minutes).

Q. I have a model MV1200R and at times need to position through a program without cutting until reaching a specific point then manually thread the wire and restart the cut. Normally I use Dry Run for this, but sometimes I need to keep the wire threaded in the gap. Is there another way to do this without re-machining up to the point I want to continue from?

A. Yes, via the Auto Machining function. This is a switch you can activate on the Switch Screen located in MAINT. After activating Auto Machining, you’ll need to add M6 P1 and M6 P2 commands as follows:

Place the M6 P1 on the first machining movement in your program and then a M6 P2 on the last line that you do not want it to machine. With the Auto Machining switch active, the machine will automatically turn off machining on the M6 P1 line and continue to move (with wire feed running) at the feed rate set for the RETRACE SPEED setting in your AT Settings screen. Once it reaches the line after the one you placed the M6 P2 on, the machine will automatically turn machining back on and continue cutting.

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