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Since trade shows are canceled this year, some of our industry partners are developing virtual shows.  IMTS Spark is one of those shows. On Tuesday, February 9 at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Central we will be co-hosting a webinar entitled, Graphite Electrode Manufacturing & Automation.

Description: The die-sinking EDM process solves many demands across the molding, aerospace, and medical industries. To keep everything moving efficiently, this requires a constant flow of quality electrodes. Join MC Machinery as we share examples, process planning, tool holder choices, cutters, work holding, CAD-CAM, and machining strategies required to make graphite electrodes efficiently. Additionally, we will share our thoughts on picking a machine to make these graphite electrodes and discuss how spindle RPMs, machine accuracies, and graphite collection systems all make a difference in electrode manufacturing. The seminar will conclude with the benefits that automation has on graphite electrode manufacturing. We look forward to having you as we provide helpful tips to boost your productivity.

Type: Manufacturing Technology

Registration Link: https://directory.imts.com/8_0/sessions/session-details.cfm?scheduleid=587

Visit our IMTS Spark Virtual Showroom here.  Where you can see our latest videos, download collateral about our equipment, and learn more about us.