With the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and gas reduction technology, the new GX-F ADVANCED Series of two-dimensional fiber lasers delivers more power while using less nitrogen. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that automates intelligent behavior and machine learning. This means the machine itself can learn from data and adjust performance without human intervention. Designed by Mitsubishi engineers and all major components built by Mitsubishi, the GX-F Series is one of the only laser systems in the industry with a single source for service and support.

If floor space is a hot commodity at your shop, and you are looking to achieve the maximum throughput, can you still access all the benefits of industrial automation? We have some good news. The answer is yes, and the SmartFlex ELEMENT is here to back us up. The SmartFlex ELEMENT is a quick and efficient material loading and unloading system. But its small footprint combined with its ability to work in fully lights-out situations makes it a pocket-sized productivity powerhouse. Sometimes the best things in life really do come in small packages.

The ASTES4 High Speed laser sorting system is a solution for fabricators facing worker shortages and bottlenecks resulting from the increased productivity of higher-volume fiber lasers. The high-speed modular sorting solution significantly maximizes the productivity and efficiency of downstream operations.

New Product! – FV 5-Axis Fiber Laser

The FV 5-Axis high-performance laser cutting system combines Mitsubishi’s latest developments in machine, CNC control and automated material handling system technologies to keep you on the cutting edge. This system includes the machine base, precision helical rack and pinon motion system, automated safety doors, teach pendant, M800 CNC controller, Mitsubishi Laser Oscillator, and a water cooled chiller unit.


The BB all electric series adds the BB4013 to its lineup giving customers a new small foot print high precision all electric press brake to maximize productivity in a small size. With a broad spectrum of ultra-modern features, high performance requirements, accuracy you can measure, cost efficient operation, a foldable front table, 5 axis back gauge, and user friendly tilting control. Let the BB4013 bring you profit through precision when the first part must be the right part.

These compact, cost-efficient press brakes are the best choice for quick, quiet, high-quality work. Featuring an AC servo motor and ball screw mechanism for high-speed productivity and repeatability (± 0.001mm)—brought to you by the originators of the world’s first electric press brake—the BB series ball screw press brake is the reliable, cost-efficient answer for accurate repeat bending work. But the BB series is more than just a press brake workhorse. Equipped with on-board diagnostics capabilities and an intuitive CNC interface, these electric press brakes are as good for your business as they are for your operators. Quiet operation, environmentally clean, and easy to use, the BB series is the crown jewel of any bending department.

The BH Series offers a newly developed Dual Drive System with improvements in productivity, high stop accuracy, and energy savings over conventional and other hybrid servo press brakes. This new technology allows high-speed movement of the ram at 200 mm/s with stable repeat stop accuracy. The proprietary technology controls high-speed movement of the ram separately by servo motor ball screw and servo-hydraulic pressure for bending. This new system stores energy from downward motion and returns it during upward motion, which results in superior energy savings and faster cycle times. This results in machine uptime, reduced operational cost, and ease of operation for our customers, part after part, year after year!

When you hear “hydraulic press brake,” you might immediately think of raw, powerful bending on even the longest or thickest pieces. And that’s certainly true. But what if you could apply that kind of performance in any situation—regardless of project requirements, piece dimensions, or other variables? That’s the true benefit of the PA Plus series’ extreme customizability: You’re getting the performance of a hydraulic press brake, plus the confidence that comes with knowing your bending department will always be ready for anything.