Wide selection of 2D laser cutting machines with best price-to-performance ratio:

  • Unparalleled speed, versatility and efficiency
  • Best CO2 resonator on the market
  • Helps users reduce gas costs and increase profits

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EX Series: Cost-efficient CO2 lasers

  • Boosted productivity. Reduces cutting time and in assist-gas by 30 percent
  • Eco-friendly energy use. Lowers energy consumption with Eco Mode
  • Better performance. New lens cartridge head design allows for constant centering
  • Amplified Power. Highest cutting power per watt, never requiring a resonator rebuild
  • Increased speed. Helical rack and pinion allows for higher acceleration in the X and Y axes​
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XL Series: Quality performance CO2 lasers

  • Improved efficiency. Reduces processing time as much as 50 percent
  • Advanced beam delivery. Diamond Path system with superior edge quality and processing consistency over entire work area rigid and accurate tooling system with the flexibility to do fine, intricate work
  • Superior user interface. PC-based, 64-bit NC control touchscreen with full network capability
  • Simplified processing. Makes setup and changes faster and easier
  • Ultimate stability. Ultra-rigid, single platform Dianite cast machine frame for high-speed processing accuracy
  • Superior safety package. Includes full side covers and automatic door for processing area
  • Maximized productivity. Heavy-duty, high-speed pallet changer maximizes throughput
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SR Series: Quality cutting, improved productivity

  • Advanced innovation. PHXS Head with a lens cartridge facilitates constant centering and provides a faster graphical interface for faster cutting and lower cost per part
  • Faster cutting power. Improved resonator enables a 40 percent speed gain in thick-plate cutting
  • Better surface finishing. Up to 80 percent increase in surface-finish quality for stainless steel cutting
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RX Series: High-stability laser cutting

  • Increased capacity. Handles workpieces as large as 13 x 6.5 feet
  • High Peak Pierce (HPP). Drastically reduces piercing times in mild steel—up to 80 percent
  • Enhanced Stability. FAB control improves cutting ability and allows more stability across the cutting area
  • Quicker cutting. Motion Cut technology helps cut through thin materials at greater speeds
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HVII-R Series: Versatile and easy to operate

  • Large Z-axis stroke. Enables many processing opportunities from normal flat sheet processing, to tube and preformed parts
  • Open table design. Provides greater accessibility
  • Improved processing performance. Advances in processing technology optimize gas flow and beam quality while allowing for exceptional plate processing performance
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