Find an electric and hybrid press brake for your every need:

  • Ease of operation, speed, reliability and the best price-to-performance ratio nationwide
  • BB Series offers clean and quiet performance with the utmost in accuracy with Automatic Thickness Detection
  • BH Series separately controls high-speed up-and-down movement at 200mm per second with stable repeat-stop accuracy using its Dual Drive System

High-speed and high-accuracy VIDERE digital operator support system simplifies press brake operations:

  • Offers the ability to view and manipulate DXF files, 3-D models, bending simulations, change bend sequences, tool allocations, and full, real-time simulations parallel to bending process with bend assist
  • Reduces setup time, maximizes manufacturers’ uptime, improves productivity and staff utilization
  • Includes advanced operator support features, virtual training, machine status and delivers the right information at the right time

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Diamond BB Series: Electric Press Brake

  • Trusted performance. From the originators of the world’s first electric press brake
  • High-quality components. BB Series ball features 100 percent Mitsubishi electronics, motors and servo drives
  • Efficiency and accuracy. AC Servo motor and ball screw mechanism for high-speed productivity and repeatability (± 0.001mm)
  • Ease-of-use. 15-inch color touchscreen running standard Windows XP Pro for simple and quick programming
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Diamond BH Series: Hybrid Press Brake

  • Fast performance. Dual Drive system controls high-speed up and down movement with a ball screw and bending movement by hydraulic piston
  • Efficient precision. High-speed down-movement at 200mm per second with high repeat-stop accuracy and energy savings
  • Micron-level accuracy. Ram cylinders powered by AC servo motor piston pumps deliver superior positioning accuracy (± 0.001mm)
  • Advanced fabrication technology. Automatic Thickness Detection offers additional accuracy
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