Improve productivity with modular and flexible automation solutions:

  • Mitsubishi Laser experts will help you determine the right combination of machines, storage towers, product carts and break-in stations
  • Wide range of configuration options to provide solutions for any application

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SmartFlex RAPID: Expandable, high-powered automation

  • Versatility. Expandable laser automation with several high-production options that can transform and expand for maximum throughput
  • Wide-ranging options. Endless combination of configurations to create the perfect automation solution for your facility
  • High and low capacities. Laser automation setups with capacity from 11,000 lb. to 120,000 lb.
  • Fast performance. Pallet changes in as little as 25 seconds
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SmartFlex ELEMENT: Perfect for narrow spaces.

  • Linear automation. Ideal for high production needs in narrow spaces.
  • Speed. 69 second load and unload cycle time.
  • Latest automation technologies. Vacuum load with thickness detection and sheet separation.

SmartFlex COMPACT: Flexible, compact automation

  • Space-saving options. SmartFlex series provides flexible, expandable automation in a compact footprint
  • Right for any shop. Laser automation systems ideal for even short-run job shop environments
  • Systems that grow with you. Completely modular and expandable with a full load/unload cycle of approximately 75 seconds
  • Latest automation technologies. Vacuum load systems with thickness detection and sheet-separator features
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River Navigation System: Optimum material handling

  • Great for small lots. Easy automation setup of small lots and plan multiple product runs in a single shift
  • Fits your needs. Material handling and inventory tracking solutions for shops of all sizes and needs
  • Flexible integration. Automated system can integrate with laser cutting machines and turrets from several vendors
  • Multiple functionalities. Separate parts from remnants, return product to open shelves, or retrieve parts for secondary operations, such as forming
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SmartFlex A.P.P.: Automated part picking

  • Time savings. Pick an entire sheet of parts at once
  • Smooth process. Eliminate tangled stacks of cut sheets
  • Efficiency. Places parts on conveyor for easy access and de-nests parts automatically

ASTES4: Fully integrated system

  • Innovative software. Provides seamless communication between the laser and the sorting mechanism
  • Effective sorting solution. With four sorting heads, each independent head is capable of lifting 1,100 pounds and has a maximum speed of 9,600 inches a minute
  • Modular. Highly configurable to fit many different shop floors